Barb Stocklin

Having spent twelve years as a preschool teacher, Barbara Stocklin found her calling when she read books to her young students and found the inspiration in using positive stories to shape impressionable minds. Naturally, the next step was to write one of her own, and the product was Bif’s Gift, a representation of her deep-rooted inspiration to help and guide young minds form their beliefs about the world. She wrote the book to educate and teach children the value of positive thinking and how to uplift others rather than harboring judgment and narrow-minded thoughts. Barbara Stocklin has crafted a masterful book for children’s foundational thinking, providing the seeds to a healthier and more positive mindset for young people.

Book’s Message

Barb Stocklin

The book delivers a potent message for children, helping them form their developmental minds from a young age. It teaches them that every one of us has something truly special, and in the eyes of God, we are all creations of perfection. We must realize that we all have something unique to offer which can help people in the strangest ways, without us even knowing it.


Barb Stocklin holds a degree in Elementary education/Special education and Early childhood from Slippery Rock University in Slippery Rock, PA. For around twelve years, she has worked as a preschool teacher and loves to read books with positive messages out loud to her students. This is where she found her inspiration to write her own book. Stocklin currently resides in Chicora, PA, with her husband and five dogs.

Author Background

Barbara Stocklin has been married to her husband for forty-two years. She lives on a 55-acre tree farm with her husband and five dogs. She has one son who is married and is a father to two boys.

Author Achievements

Barb Stocklin graduated, Magna Cum Laude from Slippery Rock University, and holds a degree in Special education/Elementary education.

Author Experience

Barb Stocklin has been a preschool instructor for around twelve years and has also taught Elementary school.