About the Book

Bif’s Gift is a manifestation of the mind of Barb Stocklin, who wishes to convey positive, uplifting messages through her books and instill good values in her kids. This book subtly highlights how we tend to undermine others’ character traits, believing ourselves to be high and mighty. It shows us that, although we may be deceived by the outer surface of people and form our judgments with a narrow mind, we fail to realize that everyone has something to offer in this world. And with this, they might be able to help people in their own unique ways. Everyone is created as unique and special with their own purpose to serve in this world.

Why Read It?

Bif’s Gift combines light-hearted sentiments and positive messages in a fun read. It teaches kids an important message: we should never look down on anyone. Every single person in this world has something to offer, and without exploring these different kinds of people, we may never know when someone’s characteristics will come into play. It is important to remember that everyone is gifted with a special trait that serves a greater purpose than we may know of. In order to practice true compassion, we must never look down on someone else and appreciate their uniqueness.

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