About the Book

Bif’s Gift conveys a strong message of positivity and morality, highlighting how we tend to undermine others and become self-conceited to the point of delusion. This book discusses how everyone is unique, beautiful, and God-gifted in their own way. It teaches us to understand and appreciate what others have to offer in this world.

Ways to Make Reading Fun for Your Child

Choose the Right Book

When choosing a book for your child, always consider the age bracket and your child’s interest to make sure you’re picking up an appropriate read – something that fascinates him or her from the start!

Let Your Child Choose

If you have a couple of books to choose from, why not let your child pick one! Introduce your child to the essential elements while choosing a book – Book Title, Pictures, Author Name and the blurb at the back. It will spark his interest and motivate him toward knowing what the book is about and he will be all ears till the end! Letting your child pick a book on his own will establish confidence and ownership qualities which will also aid him later on.

Read Aloud with Appropriate Expressions

The way you read out to your child can establish or break his long-term interest in reading books. Reading aloud with appropriate expressions will make the story more enjoyable for the child and he will want to know more and more. Voicing out the characters and adjusting your pitch to the various elements in the story will take a simple reading routine to a whole new level – one that your child will indeed love and look forward to!

Make connections between the Story and Real Life

Reading is indeed worthwhile when one can connect to the story. Nurture such a habit in your child by making back-to-back connections of the story line and characters with real life experiences and people. It will enhance your child’s interest and also have him learn some essential morals. For instance, read adventure books before you set out on a trip, an animal book before or after you visit a zoo, and so on. This will make the learning and reading experience more exciting and relatable for your child.

Ask Questions!

To ensure that your child is understanding the story, keep asking questions constantly. Inquiring can also nurture critical thinking skills in your child which is an essential skill of the current era.

Some questions to start with are:

  • Who is your favorite character and why?
  • What would you do if you were in his/her place?
  • Can you think of any person you know who is similar to any character in the book?
  • Do you think he/she (pick any character) did the right thing by… Why?
  • What would you name the book if this was your story?

Book Trailer

BIF’s GIFT by Barb Stocklin

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“Being different can be a blessing in disguise.”

Every individual has various qualities and traits that makes him unique among many others. Everyone in this world has something to offer, and without accepting and exploring the diversity, we may never know what gift each of us have that might give someone in need, a lift or help wherever we go!!

Order your copy of BIF’s Gift right away to join in on the interesting and meaningful adventures of BIF as he learns to accept and appreciate diversity.

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Meet the Characters!

Bif the Bear

A bear without a care or worries, Biff the Bear goes out on a walk on a warm, sunny day. He encounters something different and learns that everyone has a “Gift” that can help out someone in need.

Scout the Skunk

Scout the Skunk has a problem that gets solved with a random act of kindness. He wishes to repay the kindness but is told he can’t because he is different. Nonetheless, he finds a way out with what makes him different.